Vince Kellen, Ph.D.

Chief Information Officer (CIO), University of California, San Diego

Senior Consultant & Fellow, Cutter Consortium,

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Businesses deploy technologies ahead of their ability to manage the technology for competitive advantage. Most of my recent work has been in understanding the linkages between business strategy, information technology and knowledge. Today, many organizations are experiencing difficulties with technology initiatives as these technologies fail to deliver the results promised. For the foreseeable future, many organizations will continue to have problems with any technology that reaches outside the confines of the enterprise. Most of these difficulties arise out of the complexities and uncertainties in business strategy, knowledge management, technology, human cognition and human culture. My objective is to continue to help organizations improve their ability to understand and respond to their environments using information technology.

Writings & Presentations (full list here)


Education and Technology


Angst and Expectations in Learning Analytics (presentation)

The Origins of Innovation in the Edtech Ecosystem (paper)

Taming the Wild IT Ecosystem (paper)

Using Fast Analytics to Help Improve Student Retention (presentation)

The Pony in the Pile: MOOCs and Learning Analytics (presentation)


Knowledge, Strategy, Culture


The Future of Information (presentation)

Organizing to Get Analytics Right (presentation)

Web and Enterprise 2.0: A Reasoned Perspective. Cutter Consortium. (paper)

Managing Permanent Dynamism II (presentation)

Managing Permanent Dynamism (presentation, blog)

The Social Nature of Knowledge (presentation)

The Death of the Firm: The future of SOA. (Paper)

Passion Inventories and Learning Plans (presentation)


Visualization, Knowledge Management, Performance Measurement


The Effects of Diagrams and Relational Complexity on User Performance in Conditional Probability Problems in a Non-Learning Context (paper)

Individual Differences in Spatial Ability and the Visualization of Conditional Probabilities (paper)

Emerging Trends in Business Information Visualization (presentation)

Visualization and Decision Making: Research Directions (paper)

Adopting Web Services for B2B e-Collaboration (paper)

Business Performance Measurement: At the crossroads of strategy, decision-making, learning and visualization (paper)


Customer Relationship Management


Why Companies Really Need to Master the Art of CRM (presentation)

Complexity, Fragmentation, Uncertainty and Emergence in CRM (paper)

CRM Measurement Frameworks (paper)

Adaptive CRM and Knowledge Turnover (paper)

How to do CRM Without Spending Big Bucks (paper)

Business Strategy and the Customer Experience Space (presentation)

CRM in a Down Market (presentation)


Project Management


The Nature of the Project (paper)

Thoughts on a Project Volatility Metric: Part I – Definitions and Assumptions (paper)

Project Volatility (presentation)

System Development Methodologies for Web Enabled E-Business: A Customization Paradigm (book chapter)

Mission Critical Project Management (presentation)

Estimating and Tracking Software Projects (paper)

How to Deliver Quality Applications on Time and Within Budget (paper)

Managing the Client-Consultant Relationship (paper)


Technology Issues


After Action Reviews in IT (paper)

Practical Issues in Implementing Portals (presentation)

So, you want to be an entrepreneur? (presentation)

Coupling and Cohesion (presentation)

Coupling and Cohesion in ObjectPAL (paper)

ObjectPAL Naming Conventions (paper)